Hello New Year, Hello New Book

25 Jan

I have to admit that 2016 kind of crept up on me, what with moving interstate again at holiday time (what a joy it is to be home!). So, Happy 2016. I hope you’re all sticking to your resolutions. I have several of them this year, but among the most important, now that my little possum is starting prep school, is to (hopefully) spending a bit more time writing (both to publish and here, about writing,editorial tips, and my life in general).

And with that … I’d like to announce to those of you who haven’t been following my Facebook Page, that I have a new title coming out this week!

What the Sea Wants has been a massive eye-opener for me. It’s my first foray into a new genre (contemporary YA romance) but it was such an obstinate little tale that refused to be squeezed into one genre alone, so it also has paranormal elements. There is a great deal of me in this book. And while there is me in all of my books and all of my characters, in What the Sea Wants, it is the town and landscape that is the me part. I grew up in or around several small country towns, some coastal and some inland, and while Willow Bay in What the Sea Wants doesn’t actually exist, many towns like it still do, here in Australia.

I’m also very nervous about this book — probably because I’m out of my fantasy comfort zone. I hope you enjoy it, even if it might sometimes challenge readers as much as it challenged me! What the Sea Wants is currently available for preorder on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo for just 99c. Release date is 29 January, and the price will rise to $4.99 twenty-four hours after release, so if you want to try a YA contemporary romance that is a little different, I’d suggest checking out the preorder.

Here’s the blurb and cover…

WTSW-final-cover-ebookJuliette Brewer can’t face the truth. 
Ash Gordon can’t bear another lie. 
A passion for surfing brings them together, 
but will the sea, with all its sorrows, tear them apart? 

“There’s something about me you need to know—something I’m not sure I can tell you.” 

Juliette Brewer has always been different. From the age of four, she’s endured frequent premonitions of tragedy, but the one thing she never saw coming was the thing that would send her under. When she catches the ocean-coloured eyes of surf-lifesaving heartthrob Ash Gordon, Juliette’s life changes for the better … until a tragic accident destroys their dreams. Everyone else has given up, moved on, and put Ash’s loss behind them, but Juliette can’t—and perhaps she shouldn’t. Not all who are missing are lost, but if she refuses to accept reality, will the sea claim her sanity as well as her lover’s life?

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Wishing you a wonderful 2016. May this be the year all of your dreams come true.

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