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It’s that time of year again

No … not Christmastime, you duffer. Although that is fast approaching (too fast! I’m yet to do any shopping aside from a Tramampoline for the little one). I mean Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the online event of the year. As always, this digital extravaganza has ebook authors like me slavering over potential sales, so this year a bunch of exceptional authors, including some really BIG sellers, have collaborated to bring you a four-day Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale with all novels priced at just 99c.

Yes, you heard right. More than 30 professional authors from around the globe all making their books available at bargain basement prices for four days only. If you haven’t bought Cruxim yet now is your chance to grab it for bottom-dollar. If you have, then grab Creche (I’ve been remiss in posting about its release here, but it’s doing well. This book mama is very proud). AND make sure you check out this awesome list. These authors make up part of my very supportive inner circle of indies, and I can totally vouch for them. They’re awesome, and lovely, and fabulous. Buy their books and check out their Facebook pages, you won’t be disappointed.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Four-day Sale! All novels just 99c. Visit  for more information. 


Snag these best-sellers for just $.99 each!  Includes some awesome boxed sets! image


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