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More Inspirational Indie Chicks: Tonya Kappes

Okay, so my Write Like You Mean It ethos has fallen by the wayside the past week. I’ve had a teething toddler, so my days have been spent administering baby panadol, cooing, soothing and cuddling and all of those “mummy things” that take precedence over my quietly simmering inner “writer” life. Hopefully, the pumpkin will feel better tomorrow for her kindergarten day and I will be more productive. I have a whole stack of posts for this blog planned and all I need is the time to write them. I would like to focus on things like understanding rhythm and poesy in writing, flashbacks, and structure, and, of course, more editing tips. Hopefully, I will find a window of opportunity to jump out of write those soon. 🙂

I am also adding regular author features to help me keep on the straight and narrow with this blogging gig, and to help introduce you guys to some of the incredibly talented ladies I share blogging responsibilities with over at Indie Chicks Cafe. If you haven’t stopped by the cafe for a quick shot of Awesome yet, I’d strongly suggest you do so today. Indie Chicks Cafe is the brainchild of a great writer but an even greater friend, Cheryl Shireman, and is a place where more than 30 super-talented, bestselling and award-winning indie authors hang out and talk about all things “chick.” Sometimes, that’s writing, but more often than not it is just about being a woman in this crazy world, and about our day-to-day lives and observations. It really is a better place to while away a half hour than Facebook. Truly. Far more productive. I promise.

author1Indie Chicks Cafe is also where I met the fabulously talented and popular Tonya Kappes. If you haven’t heard of Tonya, well, it might be time to change rocks. Seriously, get out more! ;-p  She has been taking the indie world by storm with her fun and funky Magical Cures Mystery Series, and her latest release A Charming Wish has, of course, been just as well received. And she does all this with a day job and a family. Tonya has stopped by and consented to share some of her secrets of success with little old me (and you!) so make sure you thank her by picking up one of her books today.

Straight to the good stuff:  You talk about advising other authors on marketing. What are your top marketing secrets? 

I get this one a Lot! Start marketing and promoting NOW! Do not wait until you have a book out. You have to get your name out there and create buzz. I joined a group blog (grog) two years before my first novel was published. The grog consisted of two established/traditional authors and two no-names (me being one). Not only did I have access to all of their readers, I gained my own following and had a couple thousand readers along for the journey and ready to buy my book when it came out.

There are several ways for authors to do this, not just a grog. I have outlined all of this in my non-fiction novel, The Tricked Out Toolbox~Marketing and Promotional Tools Every Writer Needs.

Who would you credit for helping you along the way in your writing journey?

My family first and foremost. They have been so supportive in giving me time to work, seeing me at all their games with a pen in my hand, and put up with talking to myself in public places. Jane Porter taught me how to connect with readers. She is amazing with giving back. I try to do it tenfold!

So, your street team? Tell us about that. 

Readers ( I don’t use the word FAN….I don’t like that word) emailed me all the time about books, news, and other stuff and it just got too big for me to keep up with. I thought it would be a great idea if I had all of them in one place. SO….originally I sent them all an email about a yahoo group, but that was time consuming. We all have Facebook accounts and I opened a TONYA KAPPES STREET TEAM group. We gather there every morning to say hello, wish happy birthdays, congrats on news they may have. It’s not just about me. I do weekly giveaways to thank them for supporting me. I still can’t believe that ONE person would buy my novel in today’s crazy society, not to mention sit down and read it! It’s my way to give back to them.

On the STREET TEAM page I host my online book releases. I have over 100 authors who donate their novels to me as a giveaway, it’s GREAT! When one of my novels is released, they tweet it and Facebook it plus send messages to friends and family. They spread the word. Without them…..I don’t know where I’d be and don’t want to imagine it!

Tell us a bit more about your Magical Mystery Cure series and your plans for it. Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00025]

I absolutely love this series! I have never made up a magical, cozy town that isn’t tooooo paranormal. I write with humor, and I wanted to make sure my readers fell in love with Whispering Falls (the town in my Magical Mystery Series).  The series follow June Heal on her journey from being a commoner to finding a community with magical powers and realize she is one of them. It’s a fun journey with talking crystal balls, animals, genies and lots of fun potion making. Think I Dream of Jeannie crosses Bewitched.

There are six books planned in the series. But there could be more 😉

What’s your favorite Tonya Kappes novel?

Seriously??? I have four teenage boys and it’s like asking me which one I love best….

Okay, good point. I find it hard enough to state a favourite book, let alone a favourite book I’ve written.

Huge thanks to Tonya for being such a good sport and stopping by my little blog, even though she’s a huge superstar and I’m just a little scribbler. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know her a little, and please do stop by Tonya Kappe’s Blog too.


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What Makes Single Dads So Darned Sexy? by Donna Fasano

Donna Fasano Author PictureFellow “Indie Chick” and bestselling romance author Donna Fasano has popped by today to chat about a phenomenon I’ve noticed myself, why men who have children are sexier than singletons.

Donna has been writing romance novels for over twenty years. Harlequin Books published her first book in 1999, and she went on to write 32 novels for the company under the pen name Donna Clayton. In 2010, Donna acquired the publishing rights to eleven of her novels. She’s been updating and expanding the books and is publishing them under her real name. Donna’s books have won awards and have made best-seller lists. Her books have sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide, and I feel extremely honoured to have her drop by and chat about her Single Dad’s Series.

So why are dads the new heart-throbs? Here’s Donna to explain…

Come on. You have to admit it. When you’re out at the mall or the playground, and you see a dad alone with his child, your heartstrings get a good, hard tug. You pause, your eyes follow him, you watch him smile down at his kid…and you get tingly all over.

What is it that makes bachelor dads so sexy?


You might be too young to remember the movie Three Men and a Baby, but when a man automatically picks up a crying baby, or races to rescue a toddler who’s fallen, or stops what he’s doing to comfort a child, a complicated chemical reaction takes place in a woman’s brain that makes her think … mmmm, now that’s sexy.

Let’s break it down:

A single dad who puts his kids needs before his own will, more than likely, put his woman’s needs before his own too. (Sexy!)

A single dad who raises happy, well-adjusted kids has proven he’s responsible, mature, and strong. (Sexy!)

A single dad who dedicates himself to his children has shown that he’s a good and caring provider, and the selfless love he exhibits shows he’s willing to sacrifice for his family. (Sexy!)

Raising kids takes patience, discipline, kindness, tenderness. (Sexy, sexy, sexy, and sexy!)

The simple answer would be human nature; procreation is a basic human instinct, and, as women, we are attracted to men who show signs of being good mates and excellent fathers. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re willing to “be fruitful and multiply” with the bachelor dads we meet…but is does help explain why seeing a father hug his baby makes us think, awwww, that’s so sweet…and sexy!

Donna’s offering an awesome box set of The Single Daddy Club series at the moment. So snap up these heart-warming romances. The first in the series is Derrick and the blurb is below.

The Single Dad:
Ex-military man Derrick Richmond. Solitary and satisfied…until little Timmy was dropped into his lap and Derrick had to learn to be somebody’s daddy.

The Single Woman:
Schoolteacher Anna Maxwell. Fate might have denied her a family of her own, but Anna still had plenty of love to give, if only someone would notice.

The Solution:
Anna would teach Derrick all he needed to know about kids. Father and son would give Anna some precious memories. Then the schoolteacher and the single dad would go their separate ways. Unless one little boy figured out a way to make Miss Maxwell become his mom! 

Grab a copy today for:




Ipad or Iphone/iBooks

And check out Donna Fasano’s excellent author blog too. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks so much, Donna, for stopping by. You’re a true inspiration. 


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Write like you mean it…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight—or rather I can, because I’ve been making it every year since 2007. And yet, somehow, I’ve still found myself making the same resolution the following year, and the year after that. You can take this as irrefutable proof that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, or that I am a lazy sod who sits in front of a computer for most of her day and wears a groove her favourite armchair, and you’d be right on both counts. But my point here is that sometimes, despite our best resolve, we’re all talk. A lot of us are always “gonna do” something, and yet we never do.

In few spheres is “gonna-do-itis” as prevalent as it is in the world of writing. Just about everyone I’ve ever met has admitted to having “a book inside of them,” which sounds remarkably uncomfortable if you ask me. Yet so few of them ever manage to extract that book from their … wherever it is … and actually put it out there where readers can enjoy it (or otherwise). Why is this so? I’ll tell you why: because we make excuses.

I’m too busy. I’ve got kids. I’ve got a fulltime job. I’ve got kids. I’ve got a disease (tip: gonna-do-itis is not a real disease). I’ve got kids. I’ve got books to edit (I use this one a lot, partly because it is true, but who keeps accepting the jobs? That damn editor in me is boycotting my writing dreams). I’ve got kids. I’ve got scissors for hands. [Okay, Edward Scissorhands, I grant that it might be harder for you, and I’m very sorry for your affliction. As you were.] I’ve got kids. I’ve got fleas. I’ve got piles of washing. I’ve got piles and I can’t sit for long on wet concrete writing with the nub of a blue crayon on the back of margarine lid—or however or wherever else you find yourself most creative. I find an armchair good, which is why I’m a fatty boomballa. You might prefer a treadmill. Whatever! Go to!

My point is—I have a point!—writers who suffer from gonna-do-itis make a multitude of excuses to explain away dismal word counts. I do it. I’ve been doing it for years. “I was too busy today,” I tell myself. And yet, I somehow managed to maintain a lengthy repartee about monkey’s uncles in a Facebook group. Ah, well, that was time well spent.

The truth of the matter is that we just don’t find the time to put our bums in the seat (or on the concrete) to write. We plot, we plan, we talk about writing, we read books about

writing, we edit what we’ve already written, we hang out in groups of writers hoping some of the starshine of successful authors will rub off on us and make us glow with writerly brilliance, we write blog posts about Edward Scissorhands, but we don’t actually find the time to write. So, this year, my New Year’s Resolution was to “Write like I mean it.” And by that, I mean to stop calling myself a fiction writer and start being a fiction writer. To follow Cruxim up with its sequel, Creche, this year (not in four years’ time). To stop half-finishing


manuscripts, and to stop having gonna-do-itis. To put actual words on actual (okay, so Scrivener is virtual, don’t be so pedantic!) paper. One word at a time. One minute at a time. And so far, it’s working. Kind of. But I’m gonna do it, I swear it!

Oh, and Cruxim got a cover facelift this week too from the fabulous Eden at Eden Crane Designs, just in time for its first free run on Amazon from the 1st of March to the 3rd of March, so be sure to snag yourself a free copy, because that sequel WILL be along any moment you know. [Disclaimer: By “any moment,” the author wishes to advise that she means early April :-)]

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