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Busy bees and other stuff

Those of you who regularly stop by may have noticed that I haven’t been seen around these parts for a while. “Is she pregnant again?” some of you may be asking. “Has she gone missing in action?” “Is she a recent casualty in the war of words between indies and legacy published authors?” The answer to all of these questions is “No.” Although I have to admit to a certain amount of “hmmmpffff” about the first one, as my daughter is starting to settle into the comfortable notion that she might be an only child. We shall see about that!

The real reason for my absence has been the establishment of the Indie Review Tracker website and my involvement in the excellent Indie Chicks Cafe site (blogging once a month or so), as well as a huge pile of editorial tasks I’m working through so I can get back to writing my own WiPs.

I’ve mentioned the idea of Indie Review Tracker on her before, but haven’t, as yet had a chance to formally announce that the site is up and running over at

With more than 200 reviewers, book bloggers, advertisers (both free and paid) and indie service providers (editors, graphic artists, designers and formatters) listed, and more being added by the day, I hope it will be a useful resource for self-published authors and help them easily find reviewers or bloggers, by genre, to help them promote.

It sure was a lot of work getting it up and running, and it is a lot of work to maintain (sourcing content, liaison with my awesome guest bloggers, finding and adding sites). but I *think* it will be worth it in the end. I also invite indie authors, reviewers and bloggers (and practically anyone associated with the indie writing community) to submit their blog, website or author page for free using the Submit Your Site form. So if you would like to be part of it, please do. You can also showcase five-star reviews of fellow indies for free on the IRT Showcase page. You can also submit an idea for a guest post, should you wish. So far, in one month, we’ve had more than 4000 visitors. So please do join in and use the free opportunities to promote your work. The more the merrier.

As loyal followers of this blog (which I will continue to post on sporadically, depending on my content demands for the IRT blog), I’d like to offer you $10 off an annual membership, which means you’ll pay just $4.95 for one year’s membership. You can quickly and easily search for promotional opportunities, create a to-do list of promotional tasks, and be active in the forums. To receive the special offer, just type in the coupon code IRTeasy when you register.

And if nothing else, be sure to pop on over and check out the great content from yours truly and some excellent guest bloggers and indie success stories.




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