Trolls, Tuscany and the Wizard of Time … Sue Owen joins me

22 Aug

Sue's book Wizard of Time

Sue Owen joins me on the Neverending Blog tour this week. The author of young adult book Wizard of Time and several works in progress, Sue lives in Oregon but dreams of Tuscany. When not writing, she is an awesome troll hunter! Read on…

Q.1 Tell me what made you decide to self-publish and how you’ve found the experience?

It is certainly challenging. I find I spend more time promoting my published work then doing any actual writing. It gets frustrating at times because I know I have to promote to sell, but I’m not seeing sales so I want to write my new stuff, but I know I have to promote… see?

Q.2 Your book Wizard of Time is a young adult book with historical and mythological elements. How much research did you have to do to get it right? 

I did a lot of research in the time period and in the historical references of King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, etc. I wanted to make sure what I was proposing would be plausible. I also had to do some research on what tools and things were available during that time. One of my proofreaders caught the fact that I was having them eat meat and potatoes in a time that was about 500 years before potatoes were even known about in Europe! Who knew?!

Q.3 Do you write for adults as well or is writing for children and young adults your main passion?

I’m working on a couple of adult books. I do like the YA genre because of all the possibilities. Kids have way more imagination than adults. With adults you have to point everything out and then make them believe it. With kids that age, you just point and they get it.

Q.4 You live in Oregon and you write in your bio that you can’t imagine living anywhere else with the exception of Tuscany. Have you been to Italy?

Never been to Italy. I’ve been told that, other than the language, it’s just like here temperature wise. So everyone buy my books and send me to Italy and I’ll write about it!

Q.5 What life experiences have you drawn on in writing your novels?

Mostly it’s my imagination. However, I do owe some of my story idea to a game called World of Warcraft. Maybe I’ll use more real experiences in my other books.

Q.6 Do you listen to music when you write? If so, recommend some rockin’ writing tunes for the nice people. 

Nope. I like peace and quiet when I write. Bird song is about my only tolerance.

Q.7 How did you go about finding your editor, and how have you found the process of working with an editor?

You could say that I “grew” my editor, since she happens to be my oldest daughter. However, I do have two others I rely on heavily and they are my great friends. We edit each other’s work.

Author Sue Owen

Q.8 Tell me one crazy fact few people know about Sue Owen.

I love video games… Just got an x-box and discovered Dungeons and Dragons. I love killing the trolls!

Q.9 What is the one tip you would give other indie authors?

Hang in there. This is NOT an overnight success industry, despite what authors like Amanda Hocking might lead you to believe. If you listen to closely to Amanda’s interviews, she had almost 17 books written before she started publishing anything, and even then she keeps 7 or 8 active at all times. Sure she sells amazing amounts of books, but you can bet she’s worked her little twitter fingers off to get there.

Q10. What do you hope readers take away with them after reading your books?

Happiness. I am not out to educate anyone. I love to read for entertainment and I write for the same reason. I hope they get a great story that makes them happy. I’ll give away a secret … NEVER will you find a book written by me with a sad ending. If I have to kill off the good guy, you can bet something great will happen afterwards. I hate books that make me cry at the end, so I will not write one. Hopefully I won’t have to eat my words, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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